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Our Clinic

Wozniak Denture Clinic is committed to providing its patients with high standards of quality, service and professionalism. Established in 1973 by the late Joseph S. Wozniak, DD and his wife Ania Wozniak—the clinic has grown and evolved to where it is today. The legacy of care and superior attention to our clients continues to live on..

How often do I replace my dentures?

While it is true that dentures are durable, they are not any more permanent than eyeglasses. Just as conditions of the eyes change as we age, so do the conditions of the mouth. Dentures should be replaced or refitted at least every seven to ten years. Replacing dentures at regular intervals makes it possible to maintain a healthy smile and prevent intraoral deterioration.


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Svetlana Fursa Your Denturist

Svetlana's Image

Svetlana Fursa DD is the new Owner/Denturist of The Wozniak Denture Clinic:

Svetlana's perfectionaism and skills are way beyond her years and just as advanced as Late Joseph S. Wozniak's techniques, she will continue to provide the same high quality Dentures which will make "The smile you always wanted" possible.

"I take special pride in my work and meeting the client's needs and do my best to make the process stress free with perfect results" says Svetlana.